Felix Bowers-Brown

Integrative Therapist MBACP



Just by being curious, you are taking the first step. The action of visiting my website is already a courageous step towards change. This potential journey is all about you and the experiences that have lead you here.However, in order for you to make that decision, it only feels right to share a little about myself. My childhood and life experiences have taught me to cultivate curiosity for others, strength, compassion and empathy to be able to support you through those more challenging moments in life. My own self questioning, and difficult experiences, have brought me to a place where I can now embrace who I truly am and I would like to enable this for you.The initial stage, is to see whether you would like to work with me. Am I going to be the right person for you, and can we work with each other?My therapeutic experience has meant working with adults, many of whom have suffered with issues such as stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, LGBTQIA+, identity, loss and the breakdown of relationships, be they friendships, family or partner relationships, and most importantly, the relationship with yourself.


My Practice

Maybe you have experienced childhood trauma, or an abusive relationship, or are struggling to accept who you are. Or maybe, you just don’t know what you need. I will work with you, to help you untangle what it is you are struggling with. This takes enormous courage, so don’t underestimate how momentous this step towards yourself it is that you are taking.As an integrative therapist, I will work with you in a deeply relational way. I start this by working with the present experience that has lead you to therapy. Together, we will explore the influences from your past that have impacted your present- things you are aware of, that affect your everyday life, and the unconscious- things you are less aware of and how these relate to your experiences of yourself and others. We will respond to the energy in the space and help you to become your authentic self.


How can I help

I am able to see you both online and in person, and I offer a free 15 minute online consultation for any questions you might have, so we can see if we would like to work together.I have now found a way to embrace all that life gives. This has enabled me to offer that to others in a way that can be both healing and transformational. I invite you to take that next step if you can, to show yourself compassion, understanding and even forgiveness and love.


What will this entail.

Only you can make the commitment to the process to get the most out of it, and learn to walk alongside your difficulties, rather than feel that somehow those experiences control or define you.As you take the journey to a more contented self, I will offer you a safe, non-judgemental space. I will be honest with you, and show you empathy, compassion and understanding.



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